At Hvit Clinic we have an in house Registered Dietitian (RD) with an extensive background in the field of nutrition.  We are offering consultations with our RD to provide tailored, evidence based meal plans to assist you in making appropriate lifestyle and food choices to best support and complement your lifestyle and aesthetic goals. 

  • Personalized dietitian designed nutrition programs

  • Complimentary meal plan after cosmetic surgical procedures

  • “Change your life” package with a consultation and follow up sessions

  • Weight management with a personal trainer

  • Tailored programs according to client requirements and chronic conditions

  • What are the healthier choices when eating out and “on-the-go”?

We work with different prestigious clinics on Harley Street London to provide you with a multitude of experts and an enhanced convenience. Book through Hvit Clinic for your exclusive tailor made care packages.

We are affiliated with a large network of experts and can guide you to find the right treatment and practitioner to suit your needs.