Our mission at Hvit Clinic is creating a world-class experience when you select us as the clinic of your choice for your treatments. For your convenience and discretion we have created preoperative and postoperative care packages to maximize the results from your surgery. We offer different services in helping your speedy recovery with our ultimately exclusive services.

Research has confirmed that the feeling of calm and comfort can reduce healing times after an operation. That is why we work with two of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in London to give you that experience.


  • Give you access to our multi-expert team of medical professionals
  • Oversee your care
  • Professional treatments at the convenience and comfort of a 5-star location
  • Help preparing you for surgery with our client bespoke programs
  • Monitor your progress to ensure safe and speedy recovery
  • Home visits and certain treatments at your own residence
  • Give you our unique personal recovery kit created specially for your needs
  • Organize for you to have your own dedicated chauffeur on the day of your operation
  • Arrange one night complimentary stay at a luxury hotel in central London

* Please note that T&C apply, contact us for more information.

Send us an enquiry if you would like to know more.